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Posted by "Richard Lynch" on 01/19/06 23:27

On Thu, January 19, 2006 5:36 am, Jedidiah wrote:
> I have a sermons page ( with a table with
> links to
> .wma sermons. When clicked in Firefox, it prompts to download. What

You should also consider switching to MP3, since there is NO WAY I'll
ever hear your .wma sermons -- It's Windows-only doesn't work on most
of my computers.

MP3 works well on all platforms.

> I want
> is to be able to embed a player that will stay on that page and play
> all of
> the files in the table.

Honestly, I'd just as soon you didn't...

I'm then stuck with your whole page open in my browser if I want to
keep listening, and have to mess with right-click and such to keep
listening and surfing at the same time.

A dedicated player allows me to queue up listening material while

If you go further and embed it in a Flash movie, then:
A) I can't even hope to listen on Linux, since Flash support for my
Linux box sucks.
B) I can't use right-click on the links to keep your Flash player
going while I'm surfing other pages, so I'm screwed twice-over.

I probably have put a lot more thought into this topic than most,
since I spend a great deal of time reviewing demos of musician who
want to perform at a venue for one of my Jobs...

If you insist on taking away control of what I listen to, and how I
listen to it, and when I listen to it, and where I listen to it, then,
really, I'm not all that interested in listening to what you have to
say... :-)

At a MINIMUM, you should at least consider including a clickable link
within the player to downloads, so those of us who prefer our freedoms
have the option of exercising them and listening, rather than not
listening. Not exercising our freedoms is not an option. :-)


Like Music?



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