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  1. ​Ansible Tower 3.3 arrives to make DevOps easier than ever

    Date: 09/14/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    This new version features more control, greater scalability, better container support, and can now be run on Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform.


  2. ​Nextcloud 14 rolls out with two major security features

    Date: 09/11/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    Want a full-featured, easy-to-run, open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud to call your own? Check out the latest version of Nextcloud.


  3. ​Hollywood goes open source

    Date: 09/05/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: software

    When you think of open-source software, you think about smartphones, servers, and the cloud. You probably don't think about movies, but you should.


  4. Even Linus Torvalds doesn't completely understand the Linux kernel

    Date: 09/04/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: linux

    In a wide-ranging interview at Open Source Summit, Torvalds talked about programmers, Linux, and open-source development.


  5. ​Linus Torvalds talks frankly about Intel security bugs

    Date: 09/02/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: security, linux

    Linus Torvalds thinks Intel has gotten better about keeping the Linux open-source community in the loop with CPU security problems, but it started out really badly. And it's still not fair that Linux has to fix hardware problems.


  6. New OpenStack cloud release embraces bare metal

    Date: 08/30/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    The new open-source OpenStack cloud, Rocky, is easier ever both to upgrade and to deploy on bare metal.


  7. ​Storj Labs forges open-source vendors and cloud services alliance

    Date: 08/29/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    Open source powers today's cloud, but many open-source developers haven't profited from the cloud's growth. Storj Labs wants to change that dynamic so both can make money.


  8. ​Linux gaming gets a new head of Steam

    Date: 08/29/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: software, linux

    Steam's dream of Linux-powered Steam gaming machines never came to fruition, but the company has returned to Linux by bringing Windows-based games to Linux with a software-only approach.


  9. Open-source licensing war: Commons Clause

    Date: 08/28/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    ​A new open-source license addendum, Commons Clause, has lawyers, developers, businesses, and open-source supporters fighting with each other.


  10. ​Zowe! Bringing the mainframe to the open-source world

    Date: 08/27/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: linux

    Linux has run on mainframes for decades. Now IBM and partners are enabling users to access z/OS using a new open-source framework, Zowe.


  11. ​Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 beta is out now

    Date: 08/22/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: linux

    The latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux takes a big step forward into the cloud.


  12. ​Cloud Foundry survey finds top enterprise languages

    Date: 08/21/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: java

    They may not be the coolest languages, but Java and JavaScript remain the top enterprise developer languages for the cloud.


  13. ​Prometheus, Kubernetes and system monitoring, reaches maturity

    Date: 08/09/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    Prometheus, the six-year-old cloud microservices monitoring program, has grown up almost as fast as Kubernetes container management.


  14. 5 best Chromebooks for school in 2018

    Date: 08/08/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    These work for anyone else who want a top-notch laptop.


  15. ​Yum! That's some good Android Pie

    Date: 08/07/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    Android 9, aka Android Pie, brings numerous tasty improvements.


  16. ​Container adoption speeds up to the detriment of VMs

    Date: 07/31/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    As containers grow more popular, virtual machine deployments are declining.


  17. ​How to upgrade from Ubuntu Linux 16.04 to 18.04

    Date: 07/30/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: linux

    You can now smoothly move up from Ubuntu Linux 16.04, or later versions, to Ubuntu 18.04. Here's how to do it.


  18. ​Dell XPS 13 now ships with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

    Date: 07/29/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: linux

    Want a top-flight laptop with a high-end Linux pre-installed? Then you'll want to check out Dell's latest XPS 13.


  19. 10 ways to extend your Android phone battery life

    Date: 07/27/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: no keywords

    With a few simple tricks, which are already in your Android smartphone, you can get hours more life from your device.


  20. ​Microsoft PowerShell now available on Linux as an Ubuntu snap

    Date: 07/23/18 (Open Source)    Keywords: linux

    PowerShell, the Windows shell language, is now available on Linux as an Ubuntu Snap! Believe it!


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