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Posted by andrew on 12/26/93 12:02

On 2008-01-28, Bazley <> wrote:
> CSS is unbelievably unwieldy. All I want to do is have a page with
> three columns. The left and right columns should be fixed width and
> the central column should adjust its width to fill in the remaining
> space. Such a simple concept is, I believe, virtually impossible to
> code. If anyone can do it I would be very impressed.

Of course many people have done this and the least impressive is a
small template I put together ages ago:

#leftnav and #rightnav are in ems which is not particularly 'fixed'
but this would be a trivial thing to alter. I stopped working on it
because I have a certain dislike for 3 columns and other people were
doing it so much better :-)



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