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Posted by mrcakey on 07/07/83 12:02

<> wrote in message
> On Jan 28, 2:55 pm, dorayme <> wrote:
>> In article <Xns9A3379307EB83nanopandaneredboj...@>,
>> Neredbojias <> wrote:
>> > GMT dorayme scribed:
>> > >> > A cup could be designed without a bottom.
>> > >> Uh, no it can't. If whatever it is has no bottom, it is NOT a cup.
>> > > You have decided this? You can make words mean what you want?
>> > > If something has every characteristic of a cup except a bottom,
>> > > it does not suddenly and magically become not a cup at all.
>> > Right. It was never a cup to begin with.
>> > > It is a cup without a bottom.
>> > Nope.
>> [... 1000 gibbering repeat "Nope"s snipped ...]
>> Ah Boji, you very significantly don't say what a bottomless cup
>> is. Most of us would have no trouble, it is *a bottomless cup*.
>> But all you can say is "Nope". I do understand your predicament.
>> Having eschewed a perfectly natural form of words, you are at a
>> loss to describe such a cup.
>> I have thought of another use for a cup that has a (small) hole
>> in it. And am thinking to actually drill such a hole in existing
>> cups to make them functionally better. In Australia, if you
>> forget to drink some or all of your cup of tea or coffee, you
>> stand a good chance of a cockroach drowning and making for an
>> ugly sight in the morning. With a small hole, the liquid drains
>> away slowly and lessens the chances of this.
>> True, when one is actually drinking with it, there would be a
>> slight dripping on ones clothes. But in the bush*, this would not
>> matter much. City refined types would need a small plug perhaps,
>> this could be engineered or designed (hell, I am clean confused
>> about which you want to use of these two terms now) into it.
>> Please think about cups more, Boji. Are you absolutely and
>> utterly sure you don't want some little pics of cups from me?
>> * Where is Farmer Joe? He is not around these ngs any more. I
>> hope he has not had an accident with his tractor.
>> --
>> dorayme
> Are your services free or just cheap. Oh well you probably stink like
> your posts do.

You child. Even when he's wrong (and I've rather lost track of whether I
agree with him on this one!), he's funny.


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