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Posted by Nico Schuyt on 01/29/08 15:16

Jeff wrote:
> Nico Schuyt wrote:

>> I don't understand it: there are lots of examples with three columns.
>> Problems arise when you want equal heights of the columns or borders
>> in between*.
>> In that case there is a relation between the 3 columns and a table
>> is appropriate.

> Don't you guys read this group?
> There's a post, originated by myself, on the 22nd about equal height
> columns. In it Nik Coughlin completely explains the CSS solution,
> Dorayme has a simple fix for center or one side longer, and I have a
> drop in javascript for columns anywhere, including rows and rows and
> rows of floated thumbs.

For those who missed that thread too: Javascript Without JS Without JS

> All of those adjust to font or browser resizing.
> The equal height column Holy Grail has been beat.

I'm impressed, but not completely convinced. I've tried such things before
and they (my experiments) collapsed in situations where images and other
elements were added :-)


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