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Posted by Els on 01/29/08 17:49

Travis Newbury wrote:

> On Jan 29, 8:53 am, Els <> wrote:
>>> Yes, I could find the width of the window that I am sitting in and
>>> make the appropriate modifications in the xScale and yScale properties
>>> of the sprite(s) I load the thumb into.
>> As I'm not sure what sprites are in this respect, does that mean the
>> thumb would get smaller in a smaller window, or that instead of 5
>> thumbs there'd be 4? I've seen enough Flash that scales with the
>> window, but it only means that on small windows the text gets *really*
>> unreadable :-)
> I scale the individual images. I would not (necessarily) scale the
> entire Flash Stage.

Not sure if you answered my question though: say you are doing a Flash
gallery, with 20 thumbnails. Each thumbnail being 180px wide. You're
thinking of a window of 800px, so with a bit of space between them,
you'll build the thing to hold 4 thumbnails per row, and there will be
5 rows.
Is, or isn't it, possible to programm the Flash so, that if the window
would be 600px wide, only 3 thumbnails would be shown per row, thus
making 7 rows instead of 5, while if the window would be 1200px wide,
there's be only 4 rows, and 6 images per row? As in 'flexible'?

From your answer, I'm guessing it isn't, and you just make each
thumbnail smaller, so there are still 4 in a row.


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