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Posted by Nico Schuyt on 01/29/08 19:11

Jeff wrote:
> Nico Schuyt wrote:
>> Jeff wrote:

>>> Don't you guys read this group?
>>> There's a post, originated by myself, on the 22nd about equal height
>>> columns. In it Nik Coughlin completely explains the CSS solution,
>>> Dorayme has a simple fix for center or one side longer, and I have a
>>> drop in javascript for columns anywhere, including rows and rows and
>>> rows of floated thumbs.

>> For those who missed that thread too:
>> Javascript
>> Without JS
>> Without JS

>>> All of those adjust to font or browser resizing.
>>> The equal height column Holy Grail has been beat.

>> I'm impressed, but not completely convinced. I've tried such things
>> before and they (my experiments) collapsed in situations where
>> images and other elements were added :-)

> Well let us know if you do any experiments!

I certainly will! But it will be long before I have time for that.
May I suggest that you continue with your holy mission and present a more
complex example? :-)


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