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Posted by Els on 01/29/08 19:52

Nico Schuyt wrote:

>> I know - it's because I don't give the width and height of each image
>> in the HTML.
> Any specific reason for that?

Lack of PHP skills combined with hypothetical possibility of having
different size thumbnails on one page :-)

>>> - Image enlarged with Enter. How do I return? I read somewhere it
>>> should be ALT + LEFT ARROW + BACKSPACE, but that doesn't seem to
>>> work.
> I'll be surprised if there isn't a standard key for that in IE

I'd say that any standard key would only work if I'd add some code to
the pages. Apart from the simple 'backspace' to go one page back of

>> That's one thing I could add, yes, a back link. Without a mouse, there
>> is no indication that the image itself leads back to the thumbnails,
>> although it is the case in almost every photo gallery I've ever seen.
> I should have noticed that back link on the image. Maybe the image should
> get the focus in order to return with one Enter instead of 3 Tabs + Enter

The idea is that you'll go to the next image though, not back. And
again, in Firefox it's one tab and enter, as it is the first link on
the page. If anything, IE should have a shortcut that takes you to the
page instead of to the different buttons in the browser itself.

>>> Well, it can be doen but I'm glad I have a mouse :-)
>> I find it easier without the mouse to be honest!
> You're young. At my age one needs some tools (glasses, hearing device,
> mouse, ..)


I think that once I'm gonna need glasses, I'll prefer my keyboard even
more. Those mousepointers are way too small, and it will take too long
to lift my old arm to get to the mouse, whereas the keyboard only
needs finger movement - hardly an excercise :-)


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