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Posted by asdf on 01/29/08 22:56

"dorayme" <> wrote in message
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> <479eaabe$0$10842$>,
> "asdf" <> wrote:
>> Folks, we've stumbled into the metaphysical now...
> There is nothing metaphysical at all about any of this. People
> are making a distinction between engineering and design and I am
> wanting to know more about the nature of this. If you do not like
> my questions, you are welcome to ask some of your own that
> illuminate the distinction further? Questions that do not seem
> the least bit metaphysical to you or in the least bit off topic.
> But perhaps you are simply satisfied with your present
> understanding of what makes for a good website, what ingredients
> there are in general for such things? Fair enough, I would not
> want to press you further. Every man knows what the limits of his
> interest and patience is and it is not for others to dictate to
> him.

No, it was not the argument about engineering and design I was calling
physical, it was the argument about the cup- though because you neatly and
conveniently managed to snip the context, I suppose that's to be expected.

....and it was supposed to be a funny (ok... humour was never my strong
point)... again, a point you appear to have missed.

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