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Posted by Els on 01/30/08 09:41

Big Daddy wrote:

> I live in Africa and am doing a website for a small organization
> here. Our web server is in North America. When I change a static
> file (e.g. html, css, jpg) on the web server and then go to look at
> the page using my web browser, it usually takes a couple days for me
> to see the change. Until then, I just see the old content. It's very
> annoying because I want to see the changes and make sure they are
> correct from the real web server, not just on my box. So it's getting
> cached somewhere, probably one of these places:
> The web server is still serving the old content
> There is a server somewhere in between the web server and our LAN that
> is caching the content
> The proxy server in our LAN is caching the content
> My computer is caching the content
> The content that is or is not cached can be different depending
> whether I look at the page in IE or Firefox. It can also be different
> depending on whether I access it by or
> (i.e. adding the www in the URL can change it). The content of our
> non-static pages (i.e. PHP) don't seem to be cached and experience the
> same delay.
> So my questions are:
> - What is the most likely cause of my problem?
> - Is there any way for me to fix the problem so I see the updates
> immediately?

I'd first determine which of the above possibilities it is.

Your computer: empty your cache.

To see if it's the webserver, let someone on a different continent
look at a certain page, then upload a changed version, and let that
someone check if changes are applied. If yes, then you can eliminate
the webserver.

For the proxy in your LAN: can't you bypass it to check?


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