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Posted by Harlan Messinger on 01/30/08 16:34

Jeff wrote:
> Mango wrote:
>> It can't really be explained. Here's a demo.
> Nobody really knows what you want to do,

As far as I can tell, the gist of it is that the third link calls the
same function called by the first link followed by the same function
called by the second link. But it causes something else, something
weird, to happen that doesn't happen if you click the first link and
then the second link.

In both IE7 and Firefox, another strange thing is that when the input
field is created with width set to 100%, it slightly overlaps the right
border of its containing table cell. If I set overflow="hidden" for the
cell, it fixes this in Firefox but not in IE7.

> but I'd like to make these
> observations. You have a table with no specified width and then you put
> in a form element with a width of 100%. What do you expect? Give the
> poor DOM a break.

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