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Posted by Jeff on 01/30/08 22:05

Harlan Messinger wrote:
> Jeff wrote:
>> Paul wrote:
>>> I have tried to validate my web site, and it has a lot of errors.
>>> Now, the site works fine in IE and Mozilla Firefox without problems.
>>> I don't know if there are problems using other browsers.
>>> I am asking to you if it is really so important the correct
>>> validating when I work very well with my site as it is now.
>>> Recently I have improved it using your experience, thank you very much.
>>> As you can see, I am only a self-made-html-man :-))
>>> Paul
>>> --
>> Just forget the validation for the time being. You have serious
>> useability issues.
>> You can start with navigation. You should have clear consistent
>> navigation on all pages. Make it nearly the same on every page and put
>> it either at the top or along one side, never in the middle. You
>> should never have pages that have no way of getting to the rest of
>> your site without backing up.
>> Then reduce the clutter, and finally emphasize what you want to
>> sell. Why should a clock and figurines take up most of the initial
>> visible space on a page about cakes?
> I was wondering about the clock. What's the point?
> The OP takes up an awful lot of space giving us *four times* the same
> litany of occasions for which they bake cakes, and in one instance
> breaking the list up every couple of items with another chorus of "Favor
> cakes and Bonbonniere for". And that's before getting to the links for
> the individual styles of favor cake.
> Don't get me wrong, OP. My mouth is watering. But you could cut out at
> least one-third of your page, and maybe a half, and accomplish
> everything you need to.
>> Start over. Christ, you're an Italian. Think elegant design. Don't
>> think MySpace.
> Harsh!

I'm a little surprised by that. Didn't we have a long argument over
<br />?

And yet nested tables and font tags are OK?

I looked through the HTML and I did not see a fix or even a quarter
of a fix that wouldn't be harder than rewriting the page. YMMV.


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