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Posted by Beauregard T. Shagnasty on 02/01/08 17:22 wrote:

> I'm working on a site that uses dropdown menus, and I'm having some
> trouble in IE. When you mouse over a menu header, the dropdown comes
> down as expected. However, as you move down the dropdown to select an
> item, the dropdown disappears as soon as the mouse hits the next
> element down (in my case, an h3). If I move the h3 down further, more
> of the dropdown is accessible, but that's not an option. Of course,
> FF and Safari display properly.

What happens if you remove the IE-specific style sheets?

> Also worth noting is that if I set the dropdowns to be always
> visible, the problem doesn't happen - I can go up and down the menu
> without any problem - it only happens when the menu is set to
> disappear when it's hover condition is no longer met.
> There's a lot of code involved with this thing, so I didn't include
> it here. It'll probably be easier to firebug it or just look at the
> code.
> Anyone that could help would be my hero (and a genius, probably).
> Thanks!
> Here's the page link:

The validator says you have a missing </ul> on
"Line 122, Column 4: end tag for "ul" which is not finished ."

There are also several CSS errors listed by that validator. It also
appears to be overly complex, making a quick troubleshoot quite

Or maybe it has something to do with all the negative pixel margins all
throughout your CSS. <boggle>

Before you go much further, I feel you should fix the page so it is
legible. I have to press Ctrl-Plus twice in order to read it.

body { ...
font-size: 50%;
... and
font-size: 62.5%;

Please see this page:

You have no background color assigned to body.

-Friends don't let friends drive Vista

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