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Posted by Els on 02/01/08 18:53

Hartmann wrote:
> "PIAGGIO-SB" <> wrote in message
> news:fnuroe$4g6$
>> "Els" <> wrote in message
>> news:shjgws6oy24.1mr4sjag6lkmd$
>>> PIAGGIO-SB wrote:
>>> > I have a problem with a syntax eror in start .
>>> >
>>> > What am I missing?
>>> >
>>> > Here's a link to the page
>>> >
>>> > beginer
>>> Besides the various validation errors, there is also the infamous
>>> "Byte-Order Mark".
>>> <>
>>> "The Unicode Byte-Order Mark (BOM) in UTF-8 encoded files is known to
>>> cause problems for some text editors and older browsers."
>>> Open your html file in a text editor, and get rid of the 3 funny
>>> characters at the start, before saving and re-uploading. Some text
>>> editors can be set to not use this BOM, like for example TextPad
>>> (
>> Thank you!
>> i will try later when I come home from work
> I didn't really understand you.
> I changed the page but the problem exsists
> so small problem but so ...grrr

You changed it by taking out the doctype?
The doctype was good, best put it back in :-)

One of the errors that causes a lot of other "errors" to appear in the
validator, was that on the line before <body>, you have <head>. This
should be </head>. If you change that, a whole bunch of errors will
magically disappear.

This is separate from the Byte-Order Mark though. Which editor are you
using to edit your HTML files?


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