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Posted by Sean Lerner on 01/14/06 18:55


I'd like an email received to to trigger a
php script.

I've configured the following:

in /etc/aliases
toronto: |/var/www/wq/email_toronto.php

in /etc/exim/exim.conf
driver = aliasfile
file_transport = address_file
pipe_transport = address_pipe
file = /etc/aliases
search_type = lsearch
user = mail

in /var/www/wq/email_toronto.php
#!/usr/bin/php -q
$var_toronto_file = fopen("toronto.txt", "a");
fwrite($var_toronto_file, "Email Received!\n");

I then send an email to and check the file
toronto.txt but it does not say Email Received!

The exim log shows:
2006-01-13 13:38:12 1ExToS-0007Ni-00 <=
[] P=esmtp S=758
2006-01-13 13:38:12 1ExToS-0007Ni-00 => |/var/www/wq/email_toronto.php
<> D=system_aliases T=address_pipe
2006-01-13 13:38:12 1ExToS-0007Ni-00 Completed

There's nothing in the panic log or syslog.

A few things I've tried:
* changed the permissions to 777 in toronto.txt and email_toronto.php to
rule out a permissions issue
* changed in systems_aliases user=root
* put the script in /etc/smrsh (even though I don't think I'm running
smrsh on my server)

Any idea as to why my script isn't being triggered by the email? Any
further logs I can check?



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