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Posted by Jochem Maas on 01/19/06 13:17

Richard Lynch wrote:
> So I've been poring over the docs for the new stream stuff, and it
> looks pretty nifty, except...
> I'd really like to be able to just hand a URL to PHP like:

er you can if allow_url_fopen ini setting is set to 1 (can't you?)

$fh = fopen('');

for other kinds of streams (e.g. ftp?) you can write a userland
wrapper and register it so that you can use those kinds (e.g. ftp)
of urls with fopen et al:

> And let PHP figure out how to create a stream context out of that, and
> which port to use, and how to do the GET to start things off, so I can
> just read my data.
> In other words, I'm greedy, and I want *BOTH* the simplicity of
> fopen() *and* the flexiblity of adding filters and all the fun new
> stuff.

well the manual ( says:

$handle = fopen("/home/rasmus/file.txt", "r");
$handle = fopen("/home/rasmus/file.gif", "wb");
$handle = fopen("", "r");
$handle = fopen("", "w");

> I don't want to have to tear apart the URL myself and mess with
> sending 'GET ...' and 'host: ...'
> Did I miss a stream_url_to_context() function somewhere?...
> Not just parse_url() -- That will tear apart the URL, but then I have
> to do all the work that's buried in fopen()
> Bigger Picture:
> I have an old class that will take an array of HTTP URLs, and
> fsockopen them, set them non-blocking, and then fread() each in turn,
> and gather an array of results.
> The class has a 'timeout' parameter that limits how long it will wait
> for all this to happen.
> Each result set is marked as complete or incomplete.
> Complete results may be cached, for however long you choose in another
> setting.
> If results are incomplete, the cached version is used, no matter how
> obsolete. (This is for a search engine.)
> Blah, blah, blah.
> Anyway, I'd *LIKE* to be able to just allow *ANY* URL to be passed in,
> and have some nifty stream function, not unlike fopen(), that will
> take care of the grotty details of doing whatever it takes to get the
> data, but let me set the socket non-blocking and read them
> asynchronously.
> I feel like I must be missing something fundamentally simple here in
> all this stream stuff, but it's sure not obvious what I'm missing in
> the docs.

and maybe I'm completely misunderstanding you ;-/


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