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Posted by Jochem Maas on 01/19/06 14:56

alex wrote:
> has anyone had an issue using php5.0.5.... i seem to have a problem when my
> scirpt hits the include() statement it terminates the rest of the script...
> the script im using is a complicated login system...the script works fine
> server is using php 4.3.1 (i was too before upgrade) and the
> script runs fine you can view it here the script starts
> working in the ebook center section when registering... my first few lines
> at the start of the page and there after have the include statement... so in
> php 5.0.5 none of the pages appear...does anyone have anyidea???? i have

what does the error log say?
I have had problems with php5 whereby some complex code (with many includes)
will silently die when a require/require_once (don't know about 'include')
fails - try to determine if the file to be included is readable/exists for php
just prior to the ponit where you do the include. e.g:

var_dump( file_exists($yourInclude) );

also check the file in question is actually valid syntax

oh - and I'd update 5.0.5 to 5.1.1 (regardless of whether you fix the problem)

> altered this comment to require but still the same....the file tree seems to
> be in order too....
> regards alex

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