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Posted by "Richard Lynch" on 01/19/06 23:33

On Thu, January 19, 2006 7:24 am, Rodolfo Andrade wrote:
> If you are looking for compatibility then I would recommend the flash
> player
> solution. There are a *LOT* of sites that use flash so I don't think
> that
> making it "a must" will impact your users.

You're wrong...

> I don't know which type of users will access your church site, but I'm
> sure
> that if they even use Linux, they will install the plugin, if they
> haven't
> done so.

because the Flash player on Linux just plain sucks.

I get half-movies, movies whose controls don't work, movies with no
sound, ...

The Linux Flash player lags SIGNIFICANTLY behind the Flash designer
output featureset -- to the point where Flash for Linux is a joke, as
far as I'm concerned.

PS I also have about 2,000 audio files available at:
for anybody who is into acoustic music.

You may need to listen to the playlist twice for technical reasons way
too complex to go into here...

Short version:
Webhost: 500 Meg
Reality: 150,000 Meg
Webcache, cable-modem up backend, dog-slow first play, zippy second play.

PHP rocks. :-)

I've got to get the back end audio archive on the T1 at the coffehouse
some time RSN.

Like Music?

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