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Posted by "Richard Lynch" on 01/20/06 00:17

On Tue, January 17, 2006 1:54 pm, Carl Furst wrote:
> Ok I am so stumped.. I'm doing something stupid and I can't figure it
> out..
> Here's the code:
> <?php
> $eml = '
> ceo';
> if (strpos($eml, ' ')) echo "yep, there are spaces\n"; //does strpos
> see the
> spaces?
> echo preg_replace('/\s/', '', $eml); //WTF? Preg_replace does not?
> echo "$eml\n";
> ?>
> As you can see there are a bunch of spaces in that email address. I'm
> trying
> to use preg_replace to get rid of them. Strpos sees the spaces and the
> first
> echo statement is executed. The second echo prints nothing and the
> third
> prints the original $eml with nothing substituted.
> Can anyone see why the perl reg isn't seeing the spaces?

It should "work"...

Though I would recommend using \\s instead of \s, because \ is a
special character to '' and when I see \s I think you mean something
like \n, only not...

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