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Posted by David Dorward on 01/20/06 10:18

William Stokes wrote:

> For each printed document there's a check box "Delete" for
> marking that document for deletion. The document info from DB is printed
> using 'while' loop. The only problem I have is that I don't know how to
> handle/read the Delete checkbox values because the checkbox name is
> different for each file. Checkboxes are printed whit this line:"echo "<td
> colspan=\"5\"><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"del_$id\">Delete</td>";"

Well, it is possible to look at all the fields which match the regular
expression /del_[0-9]+/, but you would probably be better off just doing
something like this:

<input type='checkbox' name='del[]' value='$id' id='del_$id'>
<label for='del_$id'>Delete</label></td>

And then accessing the $_POST['del'][] array that PHP will represent that

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