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Posted by Jochem Maas on 01/20/06 11:56

please don't mail me off list. wrote:
> thanx jochem maas
> mmm... it is still a mystery .... i wrote a piece of debugging code to
> see if the file is readable or accessable via php...
> //$yourInclude = include("phpinfo.php");
> $yourInclude = 'phpinfo.php';
> if (file_exists($yourInclude)) {

this tells you the file exists. but is it readable?
or if is it valid php (ie. does it contain syntax errors
or not).

the same goes for each file that gets included.

morew investigation to do me thinks

> echo "The file $yourInclude exists";
> exit;
> } else {
> echo "The file $yourInclude does not exist";
> exit;
> }
> the first and second line you can alter it or just switch between
> pending if you want it to display the file or just to tell you if it
> exists or not.... so...applying this code just before my include
> statments all verifys ok....(thats the file exists) if i use line 1
> nothing says the file exists according to line 2 yet it
> wont display....??? of course i REM either line out
> register page starts with an include called
> session.php in that session.php i have another 3 includes...
> mailer.php,database.php and form.php each tested for line 2 and ok but
> not for line 1 nothing appears if i move that phpinfo.php file around
> into those directories(folders and subfolders) and test it then it ok's
> for line 1 i get a display and ok for line 2 too. but of course
> phpinfo.php when called doesnt have another include statement in it... i
> really cant explain it perhaps php 5.0.5 doesnt support multiple include
> statements....strange???

thats just silly.

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