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Posted by David BERCOT on 01/20/06 18:53

Hi again,

Ok, it's probably not the first time you have a question about sessions
with PHP ;-)
I've tried to read mails, documentation, searching on Internet but,
finally, I think everything is not clear !!!

First of all, I understand that, if session.auto_start is not on '1', I
have to write session_start on each page I use !!! OK.
Before this line, I put options :
and then :

I think it is very heavy to write... I read about
ini_set("session.auto_start",1) but, on my server (Debian), it doesn't
seem working...
And I also read about options which can be not set if I use

So, I'd like to put my options (use_trans_sid, 0, etc...) and to have
lite scripts. Is it possible ?
Isn't there, like in asp, a global.asa where I can put all my
parameters ?

Thank you very much.


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