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Posted by Johannes Wienke on 02/14/06 23:27

Am 14.02.2006 18:43 schrieb J.O. Aho:
> Joe wrote:
>> I'm trying to find a solution for what is probably a very simple
>> problem for an experienced PHP programmer.
>> We are trying to move over a schedule to a web form. I think I am doing
>> pretty well getting things together, tying it into a MySQL db and such,
>> but the killer is that there are about 500 text area global variables
>> that need to come from the entry form to the script for processing.
>> So, I have about 500 $_POST['Shift_001'] (where 001 becomes 002,
>> 003...478) variables that I need to place into a table after they've
>> been filed out in the originating form. I've been able to pretty easily
>> create the original form with iterations of the Shift suffix, but I'm
>> just floundering trying to put together a way to use an iteration -- or
>> any sort of 'automation' -- to write this $_POST['Shift_$i'] on the
>> fly as TD in a new Table.
> Try with $_POST["Shift_$i"]
> if you use single quotes '' the string inside will be exactly as you
> typed it.
> if you use double quotes "" the string will convert variables to the
> value they contains. eg
> $var="Something"
> echo "$var\n"; //result: Something
> echo '$var\n'; //result: $var

When you use doublequotes you should mark variables with
"foo{$var}bar\n" or do it like this: $var."\n"

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