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Posted by J.O. Aho on 02/15/06 05:09

Joe wrote:
> Thank you Johannes & Aho for your replies. I will try your suggestions.
> I was reading a bit more and wonder if I should approach this with
> foreach since, if I understand correctly, $_POST is an array itself, so
> I could iterate through it. Yes or am I confused (again.)

Yes, $_POST is an array.

> If that is try and I can pull key/value without having to insert a
> second variable, how do you go about differentiating between several
> $_POST variables such as $_POST['shift_01'] which comes from the
> Shift_01 td and $_POST['note_01'] which comes from another field?
> Do these exist as arrays within arrays? I need an asprin :-)

to see what your $_POST does contain, use the following


when you are clear how the array looks like and how it works, you can remove
that line from your script.


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