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Re: [PHP] Apache won't start after upgrading to 4.3.10

Posted by Richard Lynch on 01/06/05 20:06

Matt Blasinski wrote:
> I recently upgraded from PHP 4.3.4 to 4.3.10 with Apache 1.3.29 on
> Solaris. Before the upgrade, everything was working fine. After,
> Apache won't start up correctly.
> 'apachectl start' works correctly, but doesn't load any of the SSL
> components.
> 'apachectl startssl' does not work. It generates the following on the
> command line, and nothing in the apache error logs (set to debug, as
> high as we can set them).
> Segmentation Fault - core dumped
> ./apachectl startssl: httpd could not be started
> I'm not very familiar with examining core files, so I haven't gotten
> very far with that. I also tried trussing the command but didn't figure
> it out from there. If you have suggestions with either of these things
> that would be helpful.

If you haven't already, search the database, and
Apache's bug data for similar versions/OS info with SSL.

If nothing matches, file a bug report with at least one of those places --
maybe even both, and modify them to have links to each other in your

Hopefully you can go back to 4.3.4 and keep it running for now...

Maybe try dropping curl, just as a test, and other things (eg, enable the
thread safety, whatever that is)

If you can isolate the bug to a smaller set of inputs to ./configure or
pin-point what does and doesn't make it crash, you can help find the guy
who can actually fix it.

There are also some instructions on what to do with your core dump file on
the PHP bugs site. Follow the, and get that output into your bug reports.

It may be incomprehensible to you and me, but apparently the REAL
programmers can actually read that crap :-)

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