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Re: [PHP] Persistent PHP web application?

Posted by Adrian Madrid on 01/06/05 22:32

I've done some benchmaring and it is quite fast, specially compared to
talking to the DB. Also, phpbeans provides a daemon that can give you
the solution you are looking for, I believe.


Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> Adrian Madrid wrote:
>> I think I understand where you're coming from. I've had a similar
>> problem and the best solution I've found is eAccelerator (previously
>> known as Turck MMCache). What EA does is keep the bytecodes PHP
>> compiles inshared memory so next time you need that script PHP
>> doesn't need to recompile, EA returns the bytecode from SHM. Now,
>> since PHP scripts are compiled and saved in SHM all I need to do is
>> /save/ the data that does not change often but requires a lot of
>> queries as code (an array inside a script) and include it whenever I
>> need the data. No recompiling, no need to touch the DB again, pure
>> speed. I hope all this helps you. I personally don't need extra
>> processes and stuff like that but if you really want all that you can
>> take a look at phpbeans.
> What you are talking about is opcode caching. While it certainly
> speeds things up, it can be done much faster. When you cache a file
> that contains a large PHP array definition, all you are caching are
> the instructions to create that array. On every request these
> instructions need to be loaded from shared memory and executed in
> order to recreate the array. This can be quite slow. What we are
> discussing here are ways to avoid recreating the array on every
> request which is quite different.
> -Rasmus

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