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Re: CSS present in DOM but not applied

Posted by PA Bear [MS MVP] on 01/18/08 17:46

You might start here
~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
MS MVP-Windows (IE, OE, Security, Shell/User)
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Flintstone wrote:
> There are 3 or 4 places I could have posted this but I think this
> group is the most likely to come up with a solution.
> I have a web app written in ASP.NET with an external stylesheet which
> is actually an aspx file. Normally the page loads fine and all styles
> are applied correctly but I have discovered a weird IE only problem.
> 1) Copy some text from the web page
> 2) Paste the text into Word
> 3) Close the web page and open it again.
> Magically all my CSS styles vanish. The strangest thing is that if I
> look at the DOM in IEs Web Developer Toolbar all of the colors, styles
> etc from the stylesheet are present but for some reason they are not
> applied.
> I have tried setting the stylesheet to disabled
> (document.styleSheet[0].disabled=true) and then enabling it again but
> that seems to make no difference.
> Pressing F5 fixes the page but I really need a more permanent fix.
> Does anybody have and idea why this happens or what I could do about
> it?



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