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Re: css adding breaks

Posted by iamdave on 01/18/08 18:06

On Jan 18, 12:32 pm, Michael Fesser <> wrote:
> .oO(iamdave)

> Nest time please get some webspace or use the one of your ISP to upload
> a test case. Don't expect people to copy and paste your code onto their
> own machines.

Sorry, my fault. I posted it now. It was just goofy looking and I was
ashamed to have it up there. It's live now at

> >body{font: 76% arial,sans-serif}
> 76% will be way too small for many people

I'm the novice with css and got this template from somewhere on the
net to get started using css instead of tables. Not sure even what 76%
is. I increased it to 90% though figuring it needed to be higher.

> , but the main problem ...
> >a{display:block;color: #981793;padding:10px}
> ... is this. Remove the 'display: block'.
> >The bottom footer is the where problem #1 arises. Problem #2 was on
> >the left side nav. But I seem to be able to get around that by
> >restricting the width of that column.

thank you much!

> For a navigation bar using an unordered list would make more sense.
> Micha

I'll look into that and learn about that also. :-)

If I may, a couple new questions from a rookie.

- In Firefox I get a little red line under my links at the bottom of
the page in the footer section. any way to get rid of those?

- In both IE and firefox an extra space is created directly before and
after every hyperlink. Nothing I do seems to move the "extra" space. I
tried deleting any space which didn't change anything. Still 2 spaces
before and after hyperlinks.

- For some reason in IE sometimes hovering over a link doesn't give
you the url or little hand showing you it's a hyperlink. But you go
back to it again it finally will. I see this especially in the footer
section. It just doesn't seem to like the links very well for some

I ordered 2 books on css so I can gain some more insight into this. My
next step is to make a file so that I don't have to call the css files
on every page. I forget what they call that but realize how useful it
will be for the entire site to look much better and be easier to

Thanks again, I certainly appreciate your help.




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