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Re: css adding breaks

Posted by Beauregard T. Shagnasty on 01/18/08 18:57

iamdave wrote:

> Michael Fesser wrote:
>> .oO(iamdave)
>>> body{font: 76% arial,sans-serif}
>> 76% will be way too small for many people
> I'm the novice with css and got this template from somewhere on the
> net to get started using css instead of tables. Not sure even what
> 76% is. I increased it to 90% though figuring it needed to be higher.

The percentage is the .. percentage .. of your visitors chosen default
font size. 90% is only 90% of my chosen size. Or yours. Or BillyBob's.
See this page of mine, which may help in understanding:

If 100% looks too large in *your* browsers, decrease your own default by
a little bit.

I'd also recommend you not use pixel (px) sizing for anything but sizes
of images, and borders 'round stuff. Use em units instead. This way,
when the visitor with vision problems comes by and increases the size to
something s/he can read, your content doesn't escape outside your
constrained limits.

> I ordered 2 books on css so I can gain some more insight into this. My
> next step is to make a file so that I don't have to call the css
> files on every page. I forget what they call that but realize how
> useful it will be for the entire site to look much better and be
> easier to maintain.

I'd call it using "external css" rather than "inpage..." ;-)

While you wait for your books, have a play here:

You have HTML errors on your page:

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