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Re: Tables with DIV

Posted by Ben C on 01/26/08 12:39

On 2008-01-26, Knut Krueger <> wrote:
> Hi to all,
> There is an short example in the German selfhtml.og pages:
><style type="text/css">
> div.table { display:table; border-collapse:collapse; }
> { display:table-row; }
> { display:table-cell; border:thin solid red; padding:5px; }
><div class="table">
> <div class="tr">
> <div class="td">ich</div>
> <div class="td">bin</div>
> <div class="td">eine</div>
> <div class="td">Tabelle</div>
> </div>
> It is working fine with Firefox and Opera, but not with IE.
> The are cells are horizontal ordered, in IE they are vertical ordered.
> Does anybody know why?

You can't just put divs into trs _even if_ they are display: table-cell.

The HTML validity rules are applied independently of CSS (and CSS
doesn't have the same kind of validity rules anyway-- an element that's
display: table-cell can be nested inside one that's display: inline if
you like).

I say "the HTML validity rules". That's not what browsers actually
apply, but if you write invalid HTML, especially when table, tr and td
elements are concerned, the browser's parser is likely to rearrange
things in an unpredictable way.



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