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Posted by Neredbojias on 01/26/08 14:56

Well bust mah britches and call me cheeky, on Fri, 25 Jan 2008 23:38:14
GMT Jeff scribed:

>>> 6'6" 225lbs.
>> Ho, a big 'un! How's the weather up thare?
> I think the old line is I'll spit in your eye and you'll know it's
> raining up here.


>>>>> Why should she, her
>>>>> clients, or myself care if you want to throw a righteous hissy
>>>>> fit.
>>>> Perhaps one or more of them are members of Hissy Fittists
>>>> Anonymous. Who knows?
>>> Call it what you may. But don't you see how this drives people
>>> away
>>> from an html group when they get more attitude than answers? All the
>>> longest threads are like that.
>> Sure, that's pretty accurate. But their expectations of a helpdesk
>> are rather unrealistic, anyway, and as I said before, the answerers
>> are here for reasons of their own as well. I enjoy helping people
>> sometimes but I'm not going to kiss their asses to do it and I am
>> going to express my opinions as I, not they, see fit. If they don't
>> like it, let them take a hike.
> I really don't have a problem with that. I read a few technical
> groups and it's expected for people to research before they post.
> Taking OPs down that don't is fair game.

Of course. Otoh, it is true the people sometimes become fairly abusive
in responding to posts but the correct procedure is just to ignore those
and address the constructive replies only. It takes 2 (or more) to

>>> We all know where each other is coming
>>> from, it's not like we're covering new ground.
>>> There's a few authoring and design issues I'd like to discuss, but
>>> it's hard breaking any new ground when you are treated like a
>>> heretic. I'd rather save the energy.
>> As big as you are physically, you sound rather weak in spirit.
>>> Perhaps I just don't have the patience for this anymore.
>> Perhaps. Or perhaps you're just tired of the bullshit.
> Mostly. I've got a lot to do and don't have the time for this. Surely,
> you've bee there?

Oh yeah. Sometimes when I get real busy I get dingy. But when the smoke
clears and the money rolls in, it seems like it's all worth it. I
wonder, though, if it is.

Riches are their own reward.



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