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Posted by dorayme on 07/10/68 12:01

In article
"" <> wrote:

> On Jan 26, 1:58 pm, dorayme <> wrote:
> > In article <Xns9A3150D619D2Enanopandaneredboj...@>,
> >
> > Neredbojias <> wrote:
> > > But when the smoke
> > > clears and the money rolls in, it seems like it's all worth it.
> >
> > I understand you earn big money at web related things. Good for
> > you. I make my money in another way:
> >
> > In Australia at the beaches, there are are public showers. For
> > water conservation reasons, the local councils have button taps
> > on them, these must be kept pressed for the water to flow. They
> > are small and smooth and the tiles or stainless steel sheeting
> > behind them are smooth too (precluding any easy jamming device).
> > It is very hard to keep the shower going without a human finger.
> >
> > I employ an army of little boys and girls (these little suckers I
> > pay absolute peanuts to) to offer swimmers, for a small fee, to
> > hold the button that keeps the public showers going. It is a big
> > money spinner and as a result, I am able to offer my web services
> > completely for free.
> >
> > --
> > dorayme
> And you are proud of exploiting children?

No, I am deeply ashamed. It is no excuse that they enjoy the
work, entertain the crowds that gather (the showers are on public
promenades), get extra hidden tips from the swimmers (which, btw,
I am trying to stamp out or get a cut of). But I have checked
with my lawyers and it is perfectly legal if it is done in a
certain way. Apparently there is a little known 19th century
Australian law that allows it, if, in effect, the adult openly
dresses in the manner of Fagin and stoops around smiling with
coins jingling ostentatiously in the pocket.




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