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Re: Photo Gallery. What is best practice? List or Divs?

Posted by Chaddy2222 on 12/08/80 12:01

On Jan 29, 6:20 pm, Els <> wrote:
> Chaddy2222 wrote:
> > On Jan 29, 1:41 am, Els <> wrote:
> >> Chaddy2222 wrote:
> >>> On Jan 29, 12:36 am, Travis Newbury <> wrote:
> >>>> On Jan 28, 8:07 am, Ed <ex@directory> wrote:
> >> [linked thumbnails on a page]
> >>>> This is where some simple Flash really shines.
> >>> I agree especially if you want a slide show type effect where a user
> >>> clicks on an arrow and the next pic is visible.
> >> HTML is easy enough for arrows between pictures.
> > Well yes it does. But it does depend on what you want to do.
> > You I guess could add a Javascript event to the arrow which would
> > animate the images but it's offen just easier done in Flash as you can
> > have the images and everything in one file, but if file size and
> > accessibility are a concern then obviously Flash would not be a good
> > tool. Unless you like doing extra work to make it accessible.
> From this explanation of yours, I think I misunderstood what you meant
> by clicking an arrow to go to the next picture. I now see that you
> probably meant to click it only once, and then the next pictures would
> keep rolling in, automated. I was only talking about a link. A simple,
> Flash / JavaScript-less link, to go to the next image.
Yes that is what I was on about and yes I do know what you ment.

Regards Chad.



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