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Re: Photo Gallery. What is best practice? List or Divs?

Posted by Chaddy2222 on 12/08/29 12:02

On Jan 29, 9:42 pm, Els <> wrote:
> Travis Newbury wrote:
> > On Jan 29, 2:22 am, Els <> wrote:
> >>> Flash may not be the best tool for this job.  But it does do slide
> >>> shows well, so the OP should at least take a look at it.
> >> Not objecting to that, although his question was really only about how
> >> to lay out the thumbnails on the page ;-)
> > Right, and the layout is part of what you would do in Flash.
> But then you'd have no advantage over a table layout. Or does Flash
> have a way to know how wide the browser window is and use that to
> calculate how many thumbnails would be sitting in each row?
Well Flash users Action Script which is kind of like Java, so yes I
would say that is how it does work.
But it might be a bit of overkill for a simple photo page.
I would just use a table personally and have done so on one of the
sites I worked on *which I can't post a link too.
Regards Chad.



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