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Re: What about validating a web site?

Posted by Harlan Messinger on 01/30/08 18:53

Jeff wrote:
> Paul wrote:
>> I have tried to validate my web site, and it has a lot of errors.
>> Now, the site works fine in IE and Mozilla Firefox without problems.
>> I don't know if there are problems using other browsers.
>> I am asking to you if it is really so important the correct validating
>> when I work very well with my site as it is now.
>> Recently I have improved it using your experience, thank you very much.
>> As you can see, I am only a self-made-html-man :-))
>> Paul
>> --
> Just forget the validation for the time being. You have serious
> useability issues.
> You can start with navigation. You should have clear consistent
> navigation on all pages. Make it nearly the same on every page and put
> it either at the top or along one side, never in the middle. You should
> never have pages that have no way of getting to the rest of your site
> without backing up.
> Then reduce the clutter, and finally emphasize what you want to sell.
> Why should a clock and figurines take up most of the initial visible
> space on a page about cakes?

I was wondering about the clock. What's the point?

The OP takes up an awful lot of space giving us *four times* the same
litany of occasions for which they bake cakes, and in one instance
breaking the list up every couple of items with another chorus of "Favor
cakes and Bonbonniere for". And that's before getting to the links for
the individual styles of favor cake.

Don't get me wrong, OP. My mouth is watering. But you could cut out at
least one-third of your page, and maybe a half, and accomplish
everything you need to.

> Start over. Christ, you're an Italian. Think elegant design. Don't
> think MySpace.




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