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Re: 800x600, 1024x768...1400x1050 res.

Posted by Harlan Messinger on 01/30/08 21:06

mrcakey wrote:
> "Beauregard T. Shagnasty" <a.nony.mous@example.invalid> wrote in message
> news:l15oj.518957$
>> catalyst wrote:
>>> Hi! I'making a webpage in html+style in css. How to make that this
>>> webpage
>>> shows similar in all this 800x600, 1024x768...1400x1050 resoultions?
>> None of the above. All of the above.
> Is it me or are you advocating adding browser-sniffing JavaScript to support
> Netscape, a browser with approximately 0.5% of the market?
>> My monitor is 1680x1050, and I have two browser windows open
>> side-by-each. Or one browser and some other application, maybe my web
>> page editor. Screen resolution is unimportant. Think of mobile phones
>> and PDAs, too. You site (if a general site) should work on all of them.
> No it shouldn't. It should work on the platforms he chooses to market to.

You mean there are people who come to marketing meetings and say, "Our
market shows us that our high-tech molded bicycle seats are popular in
the 1400x1050 pixel, 15- to 17-inch screen, maximized browser community,
but Brand X seats sell better in the 1024x768 pixel, 19-inch,
browser-occupies-only-part-of-the-screen community"?



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