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Re: Whither AJAX?

Posted by Travis Newbury on 02/01/08 12:56

On Jan 31, 7:20 pm, Mango <> wrote:
> I currently make my living with AJAX, so you'll get some excitement from
> me :)

There are so many cool technologies out there that open huge doors on
the web. Of course the neigh sayers poo-poo everything that isn't
completely accessible to every human on the planet. But I can hardly
hear them as I am driving to the bank to cash another check.

> I don't agree with some who say that webapps are going to replace
> desktop applications. For instance, I refuse to use webmail.

No, they will never take over. But I find it interesting about web
mail. It is one of my favorite web applications. (Of course no one
has done it right yet. Close, but no cigar)



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