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Advanced CSS help needed with dropdown problem in IE 6 & 7

Posted by on 02/01/08 16:54


I'm working on a site that uses dropdown menus, and I'm having some
trouble in IE. When you mouse over a menu header, the dropdown comes
down as expected. However, as you move down the dropdown to select an
item, the dropdown disappears as soon as the mouse hits the next
element down (in my case, an h3). If I move the h3 down further, more
of the dropdown is accessible, but that's not an option. Of course, FF
and Safari display properly.

Also worth noting is that if I set the dropdowns to be always visible,
the problem doesn't happen - I can go up and down the menu without any
problem - it only happens when the menu is set to disappear when it's
hover condition is no longer met.

There's a lot of code involved with this thing, so I didn't include it
here. It'll probably be easier to firebug it or just look at the code.

Anyone that could help would be my hero (and a genius, probably).

Here's the page link:



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