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Re: Including one stylesheet inside another

Posted by Els on 02/01/08 23:16

Els wrote:

> Chris wrote:
>> I've got a puzzling problem.
>> We have multiple sites that use the same large css file. I just make a
>> copy of it for each site. For each site, though, I'd like to customize a
>> couple small things like link color.
>> I could just edit each copy of the css file, but that would make it hard
>> to maintain when I want a change to appear in all sites.
>> The ideal solution would be to use an <include> in the css file:
>> my-big-file.css would be:
>> #mystyle {
>> whatever:10px;
>> }
>> <include include="my-custom-css.css">
>> Is there some way to do this kind of include?
> @import "my-custom-css.css";

But I'd do it the other way round.
Let each site have its own my-custom-css.css, and have an
@import "my-big-file.css";
in it.

That way you don't have to copy the big file to the different sites
when you make a change to it.




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