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Stretchable header problem

Posted by sanbat on 02/02/08 11:34

I'm trying to do an stretchable header design similar to what Amazon
used to have (they've since changed it). I can't seem to find another
example site at the moment.

Basically it's just a horizontal bar that stretches on the left and
right to the width of the browser window. When you resize the window,
this bar grows/shrinks accordingly.

The middle of the bar has about 800 pixels of content (menu in my
case). This content needs to remain centered and 800 pixels, no matter
how wide/ narrow the browser window is.

This effect is easy to achieve normally. However, because the bar is
uneven (left side is thinner while right side is thicker), I'm having
a really tough time with it.

How can I make this work?

Here's a pic of the menu:



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