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ffmpeg-php on windoze? WTF?

Posted by Henri on 02/02/08 13:39

ok, I'm getting upset over this one.
I need the ffmpeg-php extension on a wamp configuration.
Compiling ffmpeg and shared dll's was ok under ming-msys and I can invoke
it from the dos cli, but there apparently is no freaking way to get it to
produce any php extension, no compile directive, anything!
I googled it over and over and got nothing, followed tons of links
leading to useless and/or misleading pages and articles and how-to's,
downloaded sources from sourceforge only to discover that those would
only do on linux (which is ok, I have a linux boot as well, but still I
want to be able to make it work also on windows), the works... what, is
that just not possible? If ffmpeg-php support is just not gonna happen
with windows, there should be a link at the top of any search results
saying "ffmpeg-php on windows? Just forget it!"

This looks like a rant, well it is, but it's also a desperate call for




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