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Re: Displaying Images form a Directory

Posted by Jim Carlock on 12/04/24 11:36

Hello again,

I finally got the mime_magic stuff to work. I ended up
editing php.ini to get it to work.

The following line was commented out so all I did was
uncomment it.


Also, I had to add a section with the following item:

mime_magic.magicfile = "C:\path\to\PHP\install\extras\magic.mime"

The following code works very well, but I still like the glob()
function more.

// view the mime type
$rpn = "23939.jpg";
echo mime_content_type($rpn);

returns "image/jpeg". Also, if the file is named 23939 without
the .jpg extension, mime_content_type('23939'); also returns
"image/jpeg". I tested dropping the extension on a .gif file as
well and it correctly returned, "image/gif".

Hope this helps.

Jim Carlock
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