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array of checkbox values

Posted by "Sjef Janssen" on 01/11/06 22:02

I have a form with a number of checkboxes grouped together. The value of
these boxes is stored in an array: $used[]. Now I found that the value of
checked boxes (value = 'Y') are stored in the array while non checked boxes
are not stored at all. This makes the array incomplete as I want to have all
checkbox values in the array.
For example: for 4 checkboxes the values are
checkbox 1: array index = 0 value = "Y"
checkbox 2: array index = 1 value = "Y"
checkbox 3: value = "N" : it does not occur in the array
checkbox 4: array index = 2 value = "Y"

Is there a way to, as it were, complete the array and have all values
stored, even the "N" values? So that array index 2 has a value of "N", and
array index 3 is "Y".





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