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Re: Greetings

Posted by Mark on 01/13/06 18:11

Gabor Hojtsy wrote:

> Dear Pop Mihai Sergiu,
> By sending this email you (again) posted to a public mailing list which
> is archived at multiple places, of which really few are under our
> control. There would be no point in removing your message from our
> archives, as it is also posted to an unknown number of other archives
> around the internet.
> Also there is no point in attaching a signature below your message which
> prohibits the review of the contents, as the signature is only read
> after the message is alread read.

It should also be noted that simply saying something is "confidential" is
not enough. The sender has to exercise a level of care to prevent "private
and confidential" information and communications from becoming public.
Obviously posting any such information to a fundamentally public forum
negates any such expectations. It is like screaming, at the top of your
lungs, in a public venue, a secret. You would not have any reasonable
expectation of privacy even if you screamed "don't tell anyone."

However, his rant does present a real issue. Forcing people to use "real"
email addresses exposes them to SPAM and abuse. I would suggest, if
possible and resources permit, that some sort of aliasing/registration
system be deployed where every post is may by "" and
every "ABCDEFGH" is a registered user who's email address is known.

> Regards,
> Gabor Hojtsy
> Pop Mihai Sergiu wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> The scope of this document is to file a complain related to privacy of
>> our offices e-mail address published all over the internet.
>> If you would care to query google for the e-mail :
>> <> you would easily
>> see what im talking about !
>> A while ago i`we send one or two emails to PHP.NET, requesting some info
>> related to capturing the CPU / Storage ID using php,
>> info which would have helped me in finishing a php web application at
>> that time. Since then my e-mail address and comments were
>> posted through the internet, making my e-mail public to all sorts of
>> I understand that maybe this action was to keep the Question/Answer for
>> others to see, but i do intend to kindly ask you [if possible]
>> to hide my e-mail address from all the web posts.
>> Since my e-mail appeared online, my Inbox is constantly flooded with
>> unneccessary documents that stall my timeline.
>> Maybe it is to already too late to change anything, but if anything can
>> be done, please support me in any way you can to get rid of this issue.
>> Sincerely,
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> Pop Mihai Sergiu
>> Research & Developement department
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> A : Str. Calea Severilului, Bl 317 a.b.
>> 200233, DOLJ, Craiova, Romania
>> E : <>
>> W : Http:// <>
>> P : +(40) - 251 483 627
>> F : +(40) - 251 418 773
>> M : +(40) - 744 507 700
>> Y : res3arch <ymsgr:sendIm?res3arch>
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> *This mail is scanned and proven not to contain any virus.*
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> *CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: *This communication and any accompanying
>> document(s) contains information from the offices of
>> SOFTWARE POP SERVICE ELECTRONIC and may be confidential or privileged.
>> The information is intended for the personal and
>> confidential sole use of the individual or entity named above. If you
>> receive this transmission in error, you are advised that any
>> review, disclosure, copying, distribution, or the taking of any action
>> in reliance upon the communication is strictly prohibited.
>> If you have received this communication in error, please contact us
>> immediately by e-mail at
>> <>_ or by
>> telephone at _(+40) 744507700_.



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