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Posted by Wolf on 01/13/06 18:49

Stut wrote:
> Mark wrote:
<! -- SNIpped for brevity -->

OK, here's the deal. Even if every email address was randomized
(stupid) it still does not sole the issue of someone sending it to
lists. Even randomized "anonymous" email addresses wind up going back
to you, however it puts more load on a server in the process.

RTM before signing up for a list. Inability to understand and read all
information does not constitute a "you have to fix it" on the owner's part.

Use a robust email program to read and filter your email. At work I get
over 1000 emails a day, about 15 of which are not spam. I see MAYBE 30
in a day total, but my junk box fills up nicely. I use Thunderbird and
have it reading and learning. For domains which host spammers
"ispsimple and ispmyway" then my filter is set to check the email From
line for "*.isp*.* " and not only delete it but mark it as junk and
learn from it.

You signed up for the list, be responsible for your own actions.




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