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Re: [PHP] Drop down directory structure list box

Posted by "Rodolfo Andrade" on 01/19/06 17:30

This depends on User-Agent. Internet Explorer queries the registry (MRU
values) looking for the last open directory.

There's no way to do this in PHP or plain HTML (w3 compilant) and probably
you will need to write an ActiveX plugin (which will sucks if you have a
Linux or Firefox user);

This because you can't query the registry
er Shell Folders) and store the paths.

Hope this is useful.
Best Regards
Rodolfo Andrade
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Jay Blanchard wrote:
> [snip]
> are you sure it was not internet explorer just showing you the last
> directory you had opened with a 'browse...' button with in that browsing
> session?
> [/snip]
> I am familiar with this behavior, and I am pretty sure that it wasn't
> because it stood out somehow.

ack. just checking - hope you find the site, I'm quite interested in
(searching for the issue/problem/bug/thing doesn't seem to return anything


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