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Re: creating new class from wrapper class (OOP question)

Posted by David Hall on 01/19/06 20:14

Henrik Gemal wrote:
> In a image gallery I have to class'es:
> class GPicFilePicture extends GPicFileType
> class GPicFileMovie extends GPicFileType
> both of them are based on:
> abstract class GPicFileType
> In my code I need to create a new GPicFilePicture. To avoid duplicated
> code I've create a wrapper class:
> class GPicFile
> that does something like this:
> if (fileextension == "jpg")
> return new GPicFilePicture();
> else
> return new GPicFileMovie();
> so my PHP code looks like:
> $file = new GPicFile($filename);
> getFileDate() is implemented in both GPicFilePicture and GPicFileMovie.
> Now I try to do:
> $file->getFileDate();
> I get an error saying:
> Call to undefined method GPicFile::getFileDate()
> Where am I going wrong?

My way for doing this summed up by the Factory Pattern described on this



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