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RE: [PHP] PHP load to high on server

Posted by "Richard Lynch" on 01/20/06 00:05

On Thu, January 19, 2006 3:20 am, Albert wrote:
> Richard Lynch wrote:
>> On Tue, January 17, 2006 11:18 pm, Albert wrote:
>> > The page having the heaviest load uses 5 simultaneous sessions -
>> they
>> > refresh every 5 seconds. Even with just one connection there are
>> 16
>> > Apache
>> > threads running all occupying between 5 and 20% of CPU.
>> Are you saying that you have a page that chews up 5 HTTP
>> connections,
>> and each uses PHP heavily, and you reload that page every 5 seconds?
> I have a page that loads which never refreshes.
> It displays three images generated with PHP. The three images updates
> at
> least once every 5 seconds because the content actually changes.

I'm sure you have thought of it, but consider (again) things like:

Slightly smaller images.
Fewer colors (for GIF/PNG)
Lower quality/resolution (for JPEG)

If you can chop the image file size down, even a little, it may help

Maybe consider posting your image generation code -- Frequently
there's a faster way to do something on that for incredible
performance boost. Though, again, I would assume you've already been
over this with a fine-tooth comb...

Still, you never know.

If the information page is a lot of text, maybe gzip it, if you can
specify the browser at a level that will support zipped content. This
will only matter if there's a fair amount of text there...
gzipping the images probably won't help.

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