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Re: [PHP] Using GPG in Safe Mode

Posted by "Richard Lynch" on 01/20/06 02:17

On Mon, January 16, 2006 8:28 pm, wrote:
> My ISP have php set for safe mode. And now I'm trying to run gpg from
> php.
> Basically I'm trying to run this from exec():
> echo "testar testar" | /usr/local/bin/gpg --homedir /home/myuser/
> .gnupg -a --always-trust --batch --no-secmem-warning -e -u "Test Test
> <test@test .com>" -r "Test Test <>"
> When I run it from cli myself it works fine, but it fails when I run
> it from php. Are there anyway I can get this to work?

Fails how, with what error message?...

Are you using the optional arguments to exec to get the OS error
messages back? If not, fix that now, before you do anything else.

If safe mode won't let you do exec() at all, you are stuck.

If safe mode won't let you run /usr/local/bin/gpg, you are stuck.

If safe mode won't let you run echo, or |, you are stuck.

If safe mode won't let you read /home/myuser/.gnupg, you are maybe
kind of stuck... You can make it world readable, and then maybe PHP
can read it, but so can everybody else on that same machine, which may
be too risky for whatever you intend to use GPG for in the first

After you get it work with exec, switch to popen, because exec will
expose your data to ps and top and such-like.

popen has your data in clear in RAM, but if users can peek into your
RAM at will and find the data, you have much bigger problems
(probably) then them being able to read your data.

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