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Re: [PHP] php5.0.5 include() terminates script BUGBUGBUGBUG

Posted by Jochem Maas on 01/20/06 16:21

David Hall wrote:
> Jochem Maas wrote:
>>> the first and second line you can alter it or just switch between
>>> pending if you want it to display the file or just to tell you if it
>>> exists or not.... so...applying this code just before my include
>>> statments all verifys ok....(thats the file exists) if i use line 1
>>> nothing says the file exists according to line 2 yet it
>>> wont display....??? of course i REM either line out
>>> register page starts with an include called
>>> session.php in that session.php i have another 3 includes...
>>> mailer.php,database.php and form.php each tested for line 2 and ok
>>> but not for line 1 nothing appears if i move that phpinfo.php file
>>> around into those directories(folders and subfolders) and test it
>>> then it ok's for line 1 i get a display and ok for line 2 too. but of
>>> course phpinfo.php when called doesnt have another include statement
>>> in it... i really cant explain it perhaps php 5.0.5 doesnt support
>>> multiple include statements....strange???
>> thats just silly.
> it just isn't displaying errors, doing all this nonsense with file
> exists is a waste of time, just add two lines to the top of your script
> (that includes the file):
> error_reporting(E_ALL);
> ini_set('display_errors','on');
> (or set these values in the php.ini if you have access to that)
> and look at what that tells you. You might not understand the error at
> first, but hopefully you will. My guess is that it will tell you it
> can't parse your included file.

right - waste of time - not displaying errors.
I have documented a problem that has existed since php5beta3 - namely under certain
conditions (only ever in big codebases in seems) a failed require statement will NOT
ENGINE TO STOP PROCESSING. (you might guess that this problem is a little annoying!)

so the OP _may_ be a blithering idiot who hasn't turned on error reporting to
full BUT there is a very good chance that php is borking on one of his includes/requires
and crapping out WITHOUT any errors being reporting.

so its seems like it should be nonsense but it reality there is a real issue the OP
could walking into.

> David Hall



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